Welcome to my page. My name is Ben. I compose music as interroben, and have an ongoing poetry & sound collaboration with artist Elia Gurna, as einLab.

In addition to music, I also have a great appreciation for visual art & design, and enjoy taking photographs. I hope to share some of that here. Thanks for visiting and listening.


2 thoughts on “intro

  1. It’s great you made up a blog combining music & fine arts. We attended to an art school, but we didn’t met musicians there, only painters or designers. It seemed to us that music is something completely different, what can`t be true, what else could music be than art? We’ll regularly visit your blog and some day invite you to our art (sculptures & paintings)

  2. Very true, there is an art form to all things created, whether visual, aural, mathematic or scientific. Music often draws from those other sources, so it seems natural to me that they can be discussed in the same forum. Thanks so much for stopping by; I look forward to seeing your pieces!

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