fictionspired: the rilke project by einLab

For many years, I’ve been collaborating with artist Elia Gurna on poetry and music, as einLab. In my third installment of fictionspired, a series of sound compositions inspired by art, literature or film, I am pleased to present The Rilke Project, a collection of German/English recordings of works by Ranier Maria Rilke, set to various styles of music.

Each poem was translated and bilingually recited by Elia, which I then built a soundtrack around. “The Loving One (Die Liebende)” is the ambient opening piece, followed by an electronic/hip-hop approach to “The Poet (Der Dichter)”, and lastly, a future garage influenced rendition of “Lovesong (Liebeslied)” as “When Your Depths Tremble (Liebeslied)”.

Rilke’s beautiful poems lent themselves naturally to song and music, and we hope you enjoy hearing them in a different context!

If the embedded player does not display in your browser, please visit:


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