Bluelines rmx: DJ Shadow ft. Little Dragon – “Scale It Back”

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A few months ago, I read about a DJ Shadow remix competition for his collaborative song with Little Dragon, “Scale It Back”. It was already a year too late, but I wanted to attempt one anyway because I was a fan of both artists and just enjoy doing remixes.

The timing turned out to be a boon, as I had recently started collaborating again with my old friend, tech 4, as Bluelines. Years ago, he showed me this digital audio workstation software called Performer (which became Digital Performer), and I was hooked on the spot. Having previous only dabbled on a keyboard synth-based sequencer with small LCD panel, seeing this opened up a world of possibilities!

tech had recently sent me an idea for a track, which consisted of a downtempo breakbeat, stark piano bass line, and a layer of pulsating synth. I was immediately hearing elements to accompany them. When there were enough parts assembled, I felt it would really suit the vocal from “Scale It Back”. Auditioning it in there sounded perfect! It didn’t hurt that Yukimi Nagano (of Little Dragon) has such a soulfully grooved voice that flows with so many genres.

After making some adjustments, I sent what I had over to tech, who said, “You hit it right on the head!” Following a few rounds of back-and-forth tweaking and mastering, we’re happy to present you with this remix. We hope you like it!


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