always looking up

At Sky View Center yesterday, while passing through one of the upper levels, I noticed this whole array of paper pinwheel stars dangling from the ceiling. It’s nice to encounter something like that where you may not expect it – art can be anywhere. It reminded me of an experience my friend Karen had just last week. She was enjoying an evening concert of Belle and Sebastian in the park, then looked up to find some trees bathed in a surreal purple glow. Karen alluded that it was just as magical as the performance itself, if not more. Thanks to her for inspiring this post!

The title comes from a recent episode of The Big C, where the terminally ill main character spends one of her last moments with her teenage son, opening all the birthday presents she had bought for him for the rest of his life. One was a book on birdwatching. She explained to him, “I thought when you approached 30, you might get into [it], because you always point them out…up so high, I would never notice…I always look where my feet are heading, but you always look up.” The last present he unveiled (and was most delighted by) were packs of fireworks for his 18th. He immediately lit them and marveled at the man-made shooting stars. The mother smiled affirmatively and remarked, “Always looking up.”

paper stars


2 thoughts on “always looking up

  1. You too, keep looking up. It’s like what I have read most in animes: keep moving forward. Reach up, aim high, dream.

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