Paweł Althamer’s Venetians


This haunting series by contemporary Polish artist, Paweł Althamer, features dozens of cast faces and sculpted human forms dispersed throughout the room, making full use of the gallery floor. The pieces are structural – at times, you can see spines, foundations, framework – yet they have an incredibly gestural quality that gives them an unusual lightness. The Venetians is one of several collections of Althamer’s work on view through April 13th, 2014 at the New Museum.


new year’s eve at st. bart’s

Vaulted ceiling (l), and pipe organ console (r) of St. Bartholomew's Church.
Vaulted ceiling (l), and pipe organ console (r) of St. Bartholomew’s Church.

It was the evening of December 31st and I was contemplating my plans – go to some random event or stay home? Luckily, I read about the annual concert at St. Bart’s in midtown Manhattan to usher in the new year. Performed by the church’s organist and music director, William Trafka, we were treated to a beautiful program which included pieces by Edward Elgar, Herbert Howells, Johann Sebastian Bach, Claude Debussy, Jean Langlais, Dan Locklair, and closed with Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”, accompanied by percussionists, Chris Nappi and Sam Lazzara. The encompassing sound of New York City’s largest Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ was chilling, and coupled by the church’s grand neoclassical architecture, made for a mesmerizing and meditative experience.

dungeon crawl

Here’s my latest track, “Dungeon Crawl”.  The title was inspired by two things – going out for a night on the town and RPGs.  While seemingly disparate, they actually share a great deal of commonality.  Both events often involve putting on your favorite outfit, gathering with friends, and venturing out into the darkness to explore new areas (or visit old haunts) and encounter interesting characters, complete with soundtrack.  So why not create one for both?  Hope you enjoy it!


night owl

To get back in the swing of things, here’s a recent piece I’ve posted on my SoundCloud.  “Night Owl” channels a late night, jazz-inspired vibe with UK garage-driven beats.


eclectic is the word

This antique shop I stopped by last weekend, called Eclectic Collectibles & Antiques, certainly lived up to its name.  Even its sidewalk front, although too dark to photograph well, was littered with interesting, random objects: traffic light; bird cage; vintage car (!) … Inside, I found a treasure trove of nostalgia and found art opportunities…


i love new dork

i love new dork

(l-r) Scott Foster, “Daughter of Alderaan”, welded steel; Shari Rubeck, “I Am Human 2”, acrylic on canvas; both part of the I Love New Dork group exhibition at Bunnycutlet Gallery through September 20th.


paper cranes

East meets West in “Paper Cranes”, the opening soundscape to my album in progress, Broken Doors.  You can sample more drafts here:


close to the “sky high”

Composite image of a mural I spotted on the way to the train the other night. Not being painted on a flat, smooth surface added interesting depth and texture. I also liked the mixed typographical treatment.


brooklyn dive bar art

brooklyn dive bar art

Tiles in the men’s room at Brooklyn dive bar, Daddy’s, completely spattered with colorful tags and doodles. The result, particularly on the right, evoked Basquiat.